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Sunday Walk: street lights and dog walkers

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The Crossed Bridge: bookshop to café

  At 62 Rue de Vaugirard in the 6 th  arrondissement of Paris is Le Pont Traversé: The Crossed Bridge. Once a bookstore, and now a café.   Le Pont Traversé has a history.    The writer and poet Marcel Béalu (1908-1993) founded the bookstore in 1949.    He was born on 30 October 1908 in Selles-sur-Cher and worked in a haberdashery making hats while teaching himself classical French literature. His wife Marguerite Kessel encouraged him to study German literature too.    He established a bookstore in 1949 and named it Le Pont Traversé after Jean Paulhan’s 1921 story. Marcel Béalu also wrote his own poems in two noted collections:  Poèms 1936-1960 (Le Pont Traversé)  and  Poèms 1960-1980 (Le Pont Traversé).  His store specialized in rare and second-hand books, illustrated book editions, modern literature, and surrealist literature.   But Le Pont Traversé did not begin on Rue de Vaugirard. It began on Rue de Beaune, and moved to 16 Rue Saint-Séverin. In 1973, Marcel Béalu moved the bookstor

I‘ve looked at croissants from all sides now …

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Autumn leaves in a Parisian street