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The Peregrine by J.A. Baker: book review

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A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor: book review

A Time of Gifts: On Foot to Constantinople: from the Hook of Holland to the Middle Danube (1977, this edition 2010) is about a long, long walk across Europe in the 1930s. It’s as long as its book title. In 1933, Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011) intends to travel alone on foot from Holland to Constantintinople (Istanbul) in Turkey. He is eighteen years old. He writes about this journey, published in 1977 when he is 62 years old, after having three travel books already published. Young Patrick sees himself as a Wandering Scholar. He was ready to ‘sleep anywhere, talk to anybody, live on almost nothing, eat or drink anything, have a go at any languge, make friends with strangers rich or poor, and brave the worst of any weather.’ He didn’t give a damn. With a backpack, he has allowed himself only one pound a week to live on for a year. He lives in London, England, and aims to start in Holland. ‘Even before I looked at a map, two great rivers had already plotted the itinerary in my mind’s e

“Florileges” art exhibition, Paris

  The Town Hall of the 6 th   arrondissement of Paris is holding an art exhibition called   Florileges  from 15 January to 5 February 2022.     The  Saison de Culture  – Seasons of Culture online magazine, created in 2011, brings together artists of different disciplines through exhibitions, writings, anthologies, exchanges, and café meetings. This exhibition marks the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the magazine with a reflection of the eclecticism and creative works of about 30 local artists.   Artist: Stephanie Manus Artist: Cyb Artist: Ludovic Lang Artist: Faz Artist: Anna Marchlewska Artist: Iris Alter Artist: Pierre-Mary Armand Artist: Anouk Grinberg Artist: Agnes Malterre Artist: Aliska Lahusen  Artist: Francois Viaud Artist: Karim Arezki Artist: Rose Sznajder Artist: Iris Vargas Artist: Akira Inumaru   Artist: Woytek Konarzewski   Artist: Justyna Szypura (Tuha)  Artist: Anna Tepli-Aussure  Artist: Katy Sroussy  Artist: Mylene Vignon  Artist: Guillaume Couffignal   MARTINA N

Andrew Simpkin art exhibition, Paris

The Luxembourg Gallery in Paris is exhibiting the artwork of Andrew Simpkin from 15-31 January 2022. The collection is called   Paysages Urbains   – Urban Landscapes.   Andrew Simpkin (1967-) is a British-French artist who lives and works between Paris and The Vexin in the north of France.   The series includes drawings, mainly from 2017-2021, of the Parks of Paris – from the Luxembourg Garden to the Monceau Park – to the skyline of La Defense neighbourhood of the 15th arrondissement of Paris.   Andrew Simpkin primarily works with paper and cardboard, giving a matte finish to his oil paintings. Influenced by the abstract works of 20 th  century cubists Jacques Villon and Francois Kupka, Simpkin ‘freezes’ his deconstructed visions as if through the prism of a kaleidoscope. The uninhabited Parisian landscapes, with their filtered colours, are dreamy and far from the noises of the city.    MARTINA NICOLLS MartinaNicollsWebsite   Martinasblogs Publications Facebook Paris Website Animal Web

Konstantin Akimov art exhibition, Paris

Le Select Gallery in Montparnasse, Paris, is exhibiting a solo collection of Konstantin Akimov’s artworks in the restaurant from 16 January to 5 February 2022. The exhibition is part of Fashion Week.