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Burrunjor: The Search for Australia’s Living Tyrannosaurus by Rex & Heather Gilroy: book review

  Burrunjor: The Search for Australia’s Living   Tyrannosaurus  by Rex & Heather Gilroy (2011) is an account – with ample black and white photographs – of two people’s search across Australia for an alleged small species of living dinosaur – one that survived the extinction period.    Is a living dinosaur from the Cretaceous period possible? Despite much skepticism, criticism, and ridicule, the two cryptozoologists have been searching for the ‘impossible’ since the mid-1970s.   The Gilroys (and others) go Burrunjor hunting in remote, rugged swamplands, forests, and deserts in South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia. Finding fossils, bones, and footprints of other species of dinosaurs, as well as the Burrunjor, they record their finds and photograph the landscape.    They write too of the many, many sightings of the Burrunjor by people living in the outback. The first alleged sighting of the Burrunjor occurred in 1905, following possible sightings of t

Yumiko Seki art exhibition in Paris

Born in Tokyo, Japan, and living in Paris since the early 1980s, artist Yumiko Seki is showing her works in the Town Hall of the 6th arrondissement in Paris from 30 May to 17 June 2023. The Committee of Festivals, Cultural, and Social Action has organized the exhibition, called ‘ Ici et Ailleurs’  – ‘ Here and Elsewere’  – to showcase Yumiko Seki’s paintings – oils on canvas and watercolours.  Yumiko Seki began her career on Japanese television and published a novel in 2005 called Hot-Cold. Now she is devoted to painting landscapes of Paris, especially of the 6th arrondissement where she lives (the ‘here) and the four corners of the world during her travels (the ‘elsewhere’).     MARTINA NICOLLS MartinaNicollsWebsite Rainy Day Healing Martinasblogs    Publications Facebook Paris Website Paris blogs Animal Website Flower Website Global Gentlemanliness SUBSCRIBE TO MARTINA NICOLLS FOR NEWS AND UPDATES  MARTINA NICOLLS   is an international human rights-based consultant in education, heal