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Charles Baudelaire Bicentenary: 200 years since his birth in 1821

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Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth Von Arnim: book review

  Elizabeth and Her German Garden (1898, this edition 2018) is a year-long semi-memoir from 7 May 1897 to 18 April 1898, set in a remote garden wilderness in Nassenheide,  Pomerania, Germany (now Poland).   The author, whose birth-name is Mary Annette Beachamp, was born in Australia in 1866, raised in England, and joined her husband Count Henning August von Armin-Schlagenthin in Germany in 1891. At the time of writing, they have three children, and eventually have five.   The author goes to their remote, run-down farm in Nassenheide (unlived in for 25 years), with their three girls, aged five, four, and three. She calls them the April baby, the May baby, and the June baby – their real names are Evi, Liebet, and Trix. Henning, whom she refers to as Man of Wrath, joins them occasionally.    In the wilderness, with her gardener, the gardener’s assistant, and the children’s nanny, the author is in a ‘dream of pink and purple peace.’ Her city friends can’t understand why she is so happy the

Sunday Walk: where buildings loom large

Rose-Ringed Parakeets in the Luxembourg Garden, Paris