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2014 Kolga Tbilisi Photo Exhibitions: contemporary women photographers at the Museum of Modern Art

The highlight of the 2014 week-long Kolga Tbilisi Photo in Georgia was the exhibition titled, Ladies Only: Contemporary Women Photographers with Portraits of People and Landscapes. It was held in the Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art on Sunday May 4.

From around the world 32 women photographers showcased a diverse array of photographs. These included 19 women from the United States of America, 3 from the United Kingdom, 2 from Germany, 2 from The Netherlands, and one each from Canada, Norway, Belgium, France, China, and Japan.

For me the most impressive were: New Yorker Ilse Bing’s Paris in the 30s – a collection of black and white photos; Koln-based photographer Walde Huth’s Paris Haute Couture 1955 – in black and white; New Yorker Mary Ann Lynch’s Forever Marilyn depicting images and likenesses of actress Marilyn Monroe; Los Angeles Aline Smithson’s Arrangement in Green + Black – a series of one woman in one dress from various perspectives; and Minneapolis Dona Schwartz’s Empty Nesters – three different couples standing in the bedroom of their son or daughter who has left home.

My two favourite series were both Brooklyn-based photographers: Regina Monfort’s No Crybabies – black and white portraits; and Rebecca Norris Webb’s My Dakota – colour landscapes.

MARTINA NICOLLSis an international aid and development consultant, and the authorof:- Similar But Different in the Animal Kingdom(2017), The Shortness of Life: A Mongolian Lament (2015), Liberia’s Deadest Ends (2012), Bardot’s Comet (2011), Kashmir on a Knife-Edge (2010) and The Sudan Curse (2009).


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Giraffe knees: giraffes sitting MARTINA NICOLLS is an international aid and development consultant, and the  author of:-  Similar But Different in the Animal Kingdom (2017), The Shortness of Life: A Mongolian Lament (2015), Liberia’s Deadest Ends (2012), Bardot’s Comet (2011), Kashmir on a Knife-Edge (2010) and The Sudan Curse (2009).